US Banks Can Now Hold Bitcoin And Other Crypto

A few hours ago, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) of the United States announced that national banks have the authority to provide fiduciary bank accounts and cryptocurrency custody services to cryptocurrency companies and/or natural persons who opt for these. In a practical sense, this announcement means…

Bitcoin’s intrinsic value is misunderstood, but it doesn’t matter.

Bitcoin does not exist, it is a mirage, a dream. They are just numbers in the matrix, an illusion. Bitcoin is not backed by anything, no government would back it up and is scorned by the association of the world’s central banks. Only cyberpunks, libertarians or anarcho-capitalists and people who…

Bitcoin strengthens as a reserve value despite its volatility

I will show two short examples to argue about the great properties of Gold (2.0), the young Bitcoin, to protect you from the government tools it uses to rob you, since it not only has inflation as a way to screw you up and destroy your savings. …


Christian Galíndez Beltrán — Economy, Blockchain and investment twitter.com/ceegix

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